Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1601 available

January 27, 2016 Leave a comment

Microsoft has released Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1601. This release includes the following new capabilities and improvements:

  • Improvements to Microsoft Intune integration and conditional access.
  • Client Online Status. This allows to see from the console whether a (Windows) client is online or not.
  • Improvements to application management: manage volume-purchased apps for iOS devices and iOS app configuration support.
  • Improvements to compliance settings: Edge browser settings, compliance settings for Windows 10 team and Kiosk Mode for Samsung KNOX Hybrid.

More details on this release are documented here.

If your service connection point is setup in online mode this new release will show up in the Updates and Servicing node in the Configuration Manager console.


The actual content is downloaded in the EasySetupPayLoad folder.


For more information on the actual upgrading experience please have a look at my previous blogpost.

Until next time!


ConfigMgr Cmdlet Library v5.0.8328.1155 released

January 26, 2016 Leave a comment

metro-powershell-logoA quick blog post to inform you that Microsoft yesterday released version 5.0.8328.1155 of the System Center Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library.

This version includes support for Configuration Manager 1511.

Full list of versions of Configuration Manager supported in this release:

    • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2
    • System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager
    • System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1
    • System Center Configuration Manager (current branch version 1511)

    Full details and download link can be found here.

Looking back at 2015 …

December 30, 2015 Leave a comment

Again the time of the year has come where I tend to browse through my picture library on my phone and look back at all the good –and sometimes bad and ugly- moments of the past year. Similar to last year I have made an overview with some highlights of 2015.

The founding of Coretech Benelux is without any doubt the greatest moment of 2015. Runner up would be my first time in Redmond attending the MVP global summit. Next to that I had the pleasure to be part again of many community driven events and conferences as a speaker, panel member or as organizer.

As pictures say more than a thousand words … have a look at the compilation I have made for this year.


Thanks to all involved in these great moments of the past year!

Happy New Year – I am looking forward to an even more exciting 2016!


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Configuration Manager 1511 Updates and Servicing : a closer look at the updating experience

December 19, 2015 1 comment

Earlier this week Microsoft has released update 1512 for Configuration Manager. In this post we will focus on the implementation experience and walk through the steps required to implement this update in an existing TP4 1511 environment. We will look at how an existing site becomes aware of updates, how to validate the prerequisites and update the site. After that we will also see how to update the other components like the console and clients.


Through the service connection point the site becomes aware of new updates. If any updates are available they are listed in the Sites and Servicing node in the Configuration Manager Console.


Behind the scenes you would find more details about this in the dmpdownloader.log file.


In the EasySetupPayLoad folder you will find the actual content that was downloaded.


We will not go to much into detail on this specific topic. If you want to read more details about the updating process I recommend this post by Kent Agerlund.

Prereq Check

From the updates and servicing node you can first run a prerequisite check before installing the update.


As you trigger the check the state is changing


We noticed that CMUpdate.log is logging the prereq check process being triggered


Once all checks are finished the state in the console is again updated.


Details on failures and warnings are logged in the ConfigMgrPrereq.log, located at the root of the System Drive.



Site Update

Now we have verified the prerequisites are in place, the next step is to install the Update Pack. This is also done in the console through the Updates and Servicing node.


The installation experience is wizard based – and there are only a few steps to walk through. The first window gives some more details on what changes are included. Notice that here you can also opt to ignore any prereq check warnings and run the update anyway. For now we leave this option disabled.


Client Piloting is a new feature which allows testing of the new client version on a set of pre-production systems first. Here we opted to do the validation and we are targeting a pre-production client collection which we had already created during the initial implementation of this lab enviroment.


We need to accept the license terms.


Review the summary


… and we are ready to run the update.


As we chose not to ignore any prereq check warnings the installation did not kick off. If you are confident that the warning(s) can be ignored or they have been resolved you can retry the installation.


In our case we wanted to ignore the warnings so we can click OK on the next dialog box.



This is also reflected in the CMUpdate.log file.


The state is now updated to Installing.


And approximately 10 minutes later the update was successfully completed.



Console Update

As part of this update we also need to update the Configuration Manager console. As the update of the site was triggered in the console it has not been closed during the entire process. So how do we trigger the console update?  In our lab this was triggered by trying to open the site properties (one of the first places we wanted to visit in order to verify the build number). The following dialog box popped up:


Clicking OK automatically closes the console and launches the update.


Once completed the console is automatically started again and shows the What’s new workspace. This is also a new element in this build which we will discuss in detail in a later blog post.


Note:  At this point we have no remote console(s) to test but I would assume similar behavior there.

Client Update

Next we need to get our clients up to par. Remember that we already opted to update our pre-production clients during the setup wizard earlier.

As a result an advertisement is automatically created to update the clients in the pre-production collection. Details about this are logged in the hman.log.


Note though that no client will update before you have distributed the content of the client packages to your distribution points.


Details on the client upgrade are logged in the ccmsetup.log file (on the client itself)


Updated clients should show version 5.00.8336.1000 in the control panel


… or in the console




For sure there are a lot more details to check and elements to uncover but for now and based on this first experience we can conclude that the new updating process is really an improvement: straightforward, covering all infrastructure aspects, and pretty fast.

And one more thing: happy to see that the update has also reset the time bomb mechanism. This means we get more time to play in this lab!


Until next time!


WMUG NL Community Event Speaker

December 14, 2015 Leave a comment

2015-12-14_23-41-19Tomorrow I will be presenting at a community event hosted by the Windows Management User Group (WMUG) in the Netherlands.

Session: What to expect from ConfigMgr vNext?

Abstract : The next version of Configuration Manager is soon to be released. In this session we will look at the future roadmap of Configuration Manager and explore the new features, enhancements and infrastructure changes that are coming with the next release. Additionally will also outline how to get to this release from your current environments.

More information on the sessions and the full event agenda can be found here.

Registrations are currently still open. Click here if you want to attend!

Hope to see you there!

Technet Webinar: What’s new on the Configuration Manager horizon – Debrief

November 30, 2015 Leave a comment

faq1Thanks to all who attended my webinar on What’s new on the Configuration Manager  horizon last Friday. As promised a quick debrief blog post to highlight and answer some of the questions from the Q&A.

Here we go:

Q: So you can do an in-place with 2012 right? And for side by side is the full new build?

In place upgrade scenario will be supported from the following:

  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1
  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP2
  • System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager
  • System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1

Side-by-side migrations are not supported. A possible approach is to Setup a new vNext environment, then upgrade your existing environment to vNext and then migrate your objects to the new vNext environment you built in step 1.

Q: Will the Application Catalog site still depend on Silverlight?

Application Catalog will be merged into the new Software Center – no need for a separate web interface anymore.

Software Center has a new, modern look and apps that previously only appeared in the Application Catalog (user-available apps) now appear in Software Center under the Applications tab. This makes these deployments more discoverable to users and removes the need for them to use the Application Catalog. Additionally, a Silverlight enabled browser is no longer required.

Q: So no 2016 , no new UI, just monthly updates?

Yes, Yes, and no not really. :-)

There is a lot more to Configuration Manager than just the “as-a-service” approach. See the session recording for details.

Q: On-prem MDM will support iOS and Android as well as hybrid SCCM+Intune?

In the technical previews support is limited to Windows 10 devices only.

Currently there is no information if/when other platforms will get in scope.

Q: Will SQL Server AAG (AlwaysOn Availability Groups) be supported for an upgraded installation and not only for a new installation?

Currently not supported in the TP.

In future releases you will be able to move to using SQL always on, on already installed sites.

Q: Are there any Statements when ConfigMgr vNext will Support Server 2016 for deployment and for being used as Site Server OS?

I am not aware of any exact statements on timing. Do assume there will also be a ConfigMgr release at the time 2016 products are released.

Q: Can you make software available to the Windows 10 (Business) App Store?

There is no integration with the Business Store yet.

Q: Do you have a list of features you listed and what is in TP4 today?

Have a look here :

Q: Are there changes in the app deployment for other os (mac / linux)?

There was a recent announcement where Intune support for Mac OS X was unveiled.

That article also indicates that: for customers using System Center Configuration Manager integrated with Intune to manage devices in a hybrid deployment, we’re excited to announce that all these same Mac OS X management features will be available in the upcoming major update to Configuration Manager.


Update 30/11 : Session recording is available here. And also on Channel 9 here.

Until next time!


Technet Webinar: What’s new on the Configuration Manager horizon

November 26, 2015 Leave a comment


Tomorrow I will be delivering a Technet ITPro Webinar on the next release of Configuration Manager.

During this session I will give a high level overview on what to expect from this new version.

The agenda in a nutshell:
– Roadmap for Configuration Manager
– High level overview of infrastructure changes and new features
– How to prepare for and get to the next version

At the end of the session there will also be a Q&A where you can fire away any questions you may have.

Registrations are still open so you can still join us! Click here for details.

Hope to see you there!



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