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Finally found some time to write up my first post for 2012, so -with some delay- I would like to start by wishing all of you a Happy New Year! I hope 2012 will bring you a lot of professional and personal challenges and successes!  For a System Center enthousiast like myself I am convinced this year will have a lot to offer.

One habit at the beginning of a new year is to come up with good intentions. These are the professional ones which I wrote down for myself, in random order:

Deliver System Center Projects

At the risk of stating the obvious: also this year I want to help customers by designing, implementing and optimizing System Center based solutions. System Center is what I do … (at least) eight hours per day … five days per week and occassionally over the weekend.

Attend MMS  

Probably one of the things I am mostly looking forward to this year is attending the Microsoft Management Summit. After attending TechEd Europe for the past 10+ years, this is the first time I will be attending MMS. I heard a lot of great stories about the event itself and, with the new wave of System Center products about to be released,  I believe this year will be even better.  If you are also attending and would like to meet up in Vegas, please make sure to leave a message.

CMCep Participation

I have been participating in the CMCep program since it kicked off. Not only has it been a very interesting experience in learning ConfigMgr 2012 from its first existence onwards, also the social aspect of it has been really great. The wrap-up of the program is planned for February, so the goal is to participate in the remaining sessions and complete the entire track.

Community Contributions

The System Center community is very much alive and a fun environment to spend time in! My goal is to further actively participate  and contribute to this community. Time will tell how this works out exactly in 2012 … But some ideas are already in the pipeline.


Not always the easiest of the goals to meet, but I do intend to put some extra effort into my blog. I will be posting more about day-to-day questions and problems I run into at customer sites and how to tackle them. Probably I will  not always opt for the best or most efficient solution – so I am open for feedback and comments on whatever I may post.

See you around in 2012!

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