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Unable to retrieve Configuration Manager 2012 Status Messages

August 22, 2013 2 comments

Recently I bumped into an interesting issue with status messages on a Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 site.

The following occurs when trying to run a status message query: an error message is displayed indicating “the status viewer was unable to retrieve the stored queries list from the database”. When closing the initial dialog box 2 more errors are shown and in the end no status messages are displayed at all.

The following screenshots show the exact errors:




We spent quite some time troubleshooting this issue but nothing on the server or any of the logs was pointing into a direction of a possible cause. Turns out that to resolve this issue you need to modify the startup type of the SMS Executive and Component Manager Services. Set the startup type to Delayed Start and then reboot the system after the change.


We tried to get more information from Microsoft Support to better understand the root cause.  Apparently what is part of the issue is the way how the Configuration Manager infrastructure was implemented. In this particular case the site server and SQL are installed on one system and  the SMS Provider is installed on another remote system. By implementing the delayed start of these services on the site server we ensure all required elements are starting in timely and sequential manner. Bottom line: all other services (eg. SQL) are starting up before the Configuration Manager services.

I hope this saves you some troubleshooting time in the future.


Note: this blog post was previously also posted on my SCUG blog.

ConfigMgr 2012 Prereq Checker warning: Verify site server permissions to publish to Active Directory

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment


During installation of Configuration Manager 2012 RC2 the prerequisite checker lists a warning for the prerequisite: Verify site server permissions to publish to Active Directory although the required permissions are in place.

As the environment might expand and more site servers could be implemented it was opted to grant the permissions using a domain local security group which has the site server computer account added as a member.


First check was to verify if the required permissions on the System Management container are  implemented for the group. Additionally it was confirmed the site server computer object was added as a member. When running the prerequisite checker it still shows the warning even though permissions are in place.

In a second scenario permissions were implemented on the System Management container using the computer object instead of using groups. When re-running the prerequisite checker it did no longer show the warning and passed the check.


According to feedback received this is behaviour as expected.

This was logged earlier as a bug for the RC1 release of Configuration Manager 2012. The bug report mentioned this would be fixed as of build 7688. Apparently at that point the fix was to reword the explanation offered by the prerequisite checker as opposed to implementing a fix that would have to create a dummy object in AD to test actual permissions.

Bottom line: the warning message can safely be ignored as long as the permissions for the group containing the site server(s) are correctly implemented.