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Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Ebook

December 13, 2013 Leave a comment

CfgMgr_Ebook_TroubleshootingIn October I already mentioned the Configuration Manager Field Experience eBook which was made available by Microsoft. In November a second eBook in this series was released: troubleshooting Configuration Manager.

This book is covering the following topics:

  • Troubleshooting common Configuration Manager tasks such as software distribution, software updates, and deployment.
  • Understanding how the various components of Configuration Manager on both the server and client side work together when such tasks are performed.
  • Dealing with the enormous number of log files that are generated on both the server and client side of Configuration Manager.

Download your free copy here.

Configuration Manager Field Experience Ebook

October 21, 2013 Leave a comment

CfgMgr_Ebook_FieldExperience Something you cannot afford to miss on your (virtual) bookshelf is the recently released Microsoft Ebook titled Configuration Manager Field Experience.

The book is divided into three main topics.

Part 1: WMI for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager administrators is designed to familiarize you with basic WMI concepts and tools, show you how to use WMI classes to create Configuration Manager queries, and help you understand the underlying database design of Configuration Manager so you can create custom reports for querying the information you need.

Part 2: System Center 2012 Configuration Manager reporting is designed to familiarize you with SSRS and show you how to integrate SSRS with Configuration Manager 2012 and to customize and create new reports using SSRS.

Part 3: Configuration Manager deployment tips provides tips that cover a wide variety of different scenarios to help you ensure the success of your deployments.

The ebook is free and available for download here: Microsoft System Center- Configuration Manager Field Experience